20 (Free) Things You Need to Do After Launching Your Ecommerce Website    

After the tedious work of launching an e-commerce website, the next step is to publicize it and get more traffic, engagement, and reach. The best way to do that is to try ecommerce search engine optimization. There are some other important practices as well which we will explain below.

After launching a website, it is high time to consider following 20 best practices to make your website visible to the masses.

1.      Prepare your Product Feeds

When your e-commerce website is up, the next thing, you want to show this to the entire world.

The first step is to submit your product data to the Google and Amazon shopping channels. By doing this, you will get listed on the most searched browsers. And later, when their visitors search on them, they will get your product listings.

The product data submission is quite tedious work, but it ensures more reach, engagement, and traffic on your e-commerce website.

2.      Install Any Efficient Backup Plugin

We all aware that there is lots of hard work behind any website. It is a careful practice to set up any efficient backup plugin to ensure all your hard work is protected. There is always a risk of security breaches and server crashes. A backup plugin will create daily backups of your website content. And if anything will go wrong, you will have all your data safe within the backup.

3.      Build Sitemap File of Your XML

Set up your website XML file, which organizes and lists all the URLs and pages of your website. An XML sitemap allows Google to read and comprehend your website more effectively.

4.      Advertise Your Website On Social Platforms

Social media marketing is the best way to attract more traffic to your newly launched website. Social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram flaunt users within millions. So, it is a wise decision to advertise your website.

5.      Create Your Respective Social Media Accounts

It is impossible to promote your website on social media platforms without having accounts on them. At first, create an account on respective platforms, then flaunt your products.

6.      Be Consistent with Content Marketing

It is mandatory to be consistent in content creation and marketing. So, plan your content and post it regularly to get more reach, traffic, and sales conversion.

7.      Link Your Website with Google Analytics

It is the most significant step to link your website with Google Analytics. The process is quite simple. And require some steps to complete. So, do not forget to link your website and get a proper SEO analysis.

8.      Press Release

Press release another significant aspect to market your new website. The press release includes an introduction to your business and other deals you want to publicize.

9.      Make Your Website SEO-Friendly

With well-planned and well-executed SEO, any new website gets noticed easily. It will bring more reach, engagement, traffic, and sales conversion. So, prepare your SEO accordingly. There are various 3rd party SEO plugins available to enhance the traffic of websites.

10. Improve Website Permalink Structure

Permalinks are the significant links that Google recognizes and ranks these websites accordingly. It is good practice to structure permalinks as per SEO policies.

11. Build GSC (Google Search Console)

Google Search Console comprehends your website. The GSC incorporation will improve Google rankings.

12. Strengthen Your Website Security

It is crucial to add security features to an up-and-running website. Various security software and plugins are available. These plugins and software protect your website from hackers and intruders.

13. Turn on Caching

Caching allows your website to load faster. Therefore, select any cache plugin from available ones. It will help the website to load quickly on visitor devices.

14. Get Benefit of Google Alert Mentions

The google alert mentions will help you to get real-time insights into your website. It will also help you to analyze content types suitable for your website. Ultimately you will get more traffic and reach.

15. Set Up Sign-Ups and Email List

It is significant to set up a process for your website so that visitors can leave their reviews. Getting visitor reviews is simple by setting up sign-ups and email lists.

16. Take Profit of HARO

HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out. It will help the website to get inquiries from media professionals. An in-depth reply to these queries will help your product to build credibility in the market.

17. Build A Press Page

The press release page is significant for the websites as it displays all the relevant news or events of the respective business.

18. Stay Connected with Your Website Bloggers and Editors

It is an excellent practice to keep a healthy relationship with your website bloggers and content writers as they are providing quality content with SEO keywords. The content will attract your target audiences, and you will eventually get more reach and traffic on your website.

19. Build a First Link Foundation

Incorporation in some paid or free directories is an ideal opportunity for electronic or digital businesses. So, do register your website on such directories.

20. Add More Merchandises!

A website with more merchandise range seems a lot more reliable than one with fewer items.