5 Relationship Stressors in Couple

5 Relationship Stressors


Relationship stress is included in everyone’s life, but if you avoid these things in your life so you get a happy and stressless life. Which is needed by every person today. Relationship effect on your whole life areas not only your home it’s also effect on your office and other areas of life. These  are some reasons of relationship stress:

1. Loss of Attraction


The only difference between an Intimate relationship and friendship is intimacy!

2. Irritation, Frustration, Emotional Stacking & Stonewalling The 4 R’s:

Resistance, Resentment, Rejection, Repression.

3. Loss of Physical Passion 

When you are no longer epen, passion won flow.

4. Loss of Commitment 

Once you feel lack of attention and passion you’re no longer committed to understanding your lover.

5. Story of Incompatibility 

No couple is compatible they are not meeting each other’s needs Meeting needs is a choice