6 Content Marketing Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Content marketing is producing relevant and valuable content for your target audience. The goal of creating this content consistently is to convert your readers into customers. It can be tricky, but it is not that hard – especially since 70% of B2B marketers have increased content creation more than ever before. Regardless of your efforts in B2B marketing or B2C, here are 6 content marketing useful tips that will benefit new entrepreneurs.

#1. Start a Company Blog

A company blog is a great way to get relevant content out there for your target audience. The blog can be informative, and fun; anything that gets the reader excited about your brand. Storytelling marketing is a clever ways to boost social reach for business information into your blog; information that you want your readers to know. This way, you won’t bore or scare away readers with heavy technical information. You need to know what emotions are conveyed through your blog. For example, if it is trust or convenience, then your blog will evoke those emotions in your readers. Emotions are a powerful force as readers will begin to associate these emotions with your brand.

#2. Get Support from Outsiders

Not only do you need to blog consistently, but you need it to be of high quality – every time.

If you plan to write the blogs yourself, then ensure each one is thoroughly edited and proofread. Readers are easily put off by typographical errors and this may reflect badly on your brand image. PolishMyWriting is a great online free tool for checking errors. You just have to copy-paste your content on their website and it will immediately highlight spelling and grammatical errors and give you suggestions to improve your writing style.

Being a new entrepreneur can be hectic and writing blogs yourself is time-consuming. If you don’t want to burden yourself with the writing task, there are lots of websites where you can hire professional writers who will give you high-quality content, as and when you need it.

#3. Focus on Social Media Influencers

When you figure out your strategy for content creation, then content distribution or marketing is equally important. After all, what good is the content if no one is reading it? The platform you choose to share your content is very important. Who shares your content, even more so. 92% of people go with brands that have recommendations from individuals. When people see industry leaders endorse you or influencers recommend your brand, they begin to trust your brand.

#4. Repurpose and Diversify your Content

When it becomes increasingly difficult to come up fresh content on a consistent basis, repurpose what you already got going. Repurpose blog posts into different formats. Combine several relevant posts into a whitepaper. If you have a post that has a lot of data then convert it all into an interesting infographic. You can also create a presentation of your post that shares many tips. When you diversify your content, you get the opportunity to share them on different platforms. Slideshare can be used to share presentations etc. Therefore, a wider reach to more audiences!

#5. Use High-Quality Media in Your Content

Using images in your content goes a long way. After all, visual content is digested better than text. You need to use high-quality images to represent your brand, therefore, the first option is using stock photos. Instead, use personal images to make a connection; to show readers there is a real person behind that brand. With so many using the same photos for their blogs, your readers will be delighted to find something original on your website.

Remember to use high-quality videos as well. However, using heavy images and videos may slow your website’s loading time. You will need to compress videos and use images that are of small sizes to get them loaded faster on your website. This enhances the user experience for your readers as well.

#6. Always Plan a Content Strategy

The most successful content marketers are those who have a written strategy in place. Do you want to create a company blog? Get topics ready for blog posts for the next two month, at the least. Decide how times you would blog in a week, or during the whole month. Where and when to distribute your content on social media? Pick the right platform and decide which platform will need how many posts per day.

As a new entrepreneur, you need to get your strategies in order and you need to be consistent at whatever you have planned Digital Marketing For Small Businesses. That’s a key to success!