7 Ways To Care For Your Kids While They Are Playing

Is your kid a sports lover? Then that’s great for your kids physical and mental health as well. Most kids nowadays do not like outdoor sports and usually indulge in indoor activities and games. Alternatively, if your kids love sports and want to play outdoor games like football, cricket etc. than you must also encourage them. Parents must also play with them to engage them more in sports.

The parents are naturally conscious about their kid’s health and even if they agree that outdoor sports are very good for the kid’s health thy remain conscious about their safety while playing outside. Similarly, some indoor games also need safety precautions like wrestling, musical chairs or table tennis but have fewer chances of injury as compared to outdoor games and activities. Nowadays the joint replacement surgery in Pakistan or hip bone replacement surgeries are very common among school going kids due to sports activities without safety measures. For this purpose, there are some special precautions or care instructions to let the kids enjoy their favourite sports with safety.

Following 7 ways to care for your kids while they are playing may help you to cure your kids from getting injured.

Talk to your athlete kid

Have a long discussion with your sports lover kid that no matter what situation he or she should come to you for assistance. Make sure that they are friendly and comfortable enough with you to share their problems. They must know that in case of any injury or pain, the first thing they think must be coming to you directly.

Some kids are tough and strong with better bearing power so they don’t let you know even if injuries happen. The factor behind this can be fear or care both. However, this can be dangerous in terms of bone or severe muscle injuries. Therefore, your kid must be prepared enough to discuss everything with you.

Encourage a variety of sports

Motivate your kids to play a variety of sports or games. As playing same games may hurt the kid’s particular bones or muscles which may lead to the weakness of that specific bone or muscle. Encourage them to play multiple sports or change the games on alternate days like 3 days a week for football and 3 days a week must be badminton or tennis. As putting pressure on one type of bone or joint may result in disjointing from wrist knee, shoulder or elbows.

Rest Intervals

Kids become passionate about their games and put overstress on their bones or muscles. As a football player keep on practising a particular movement without taking rest could hurt himself. Some of his /her joints me start getting pain due to overuse. For example, a kid who is fond of a sit-stand game or may do it more than his/her capacity to withstand and in a result he/she may get a hip bone injury.

Hip bone replacement surgeries are critical but are being done within Pakistan too. If your kid feels pain in his hip joints or bones after getting injured in any type of game than you must rush to any hip replacement surgeon in Pakistan around your house who have got best reviews and book an appointment instantly.

Well-balanced diet

Healthy and a well-balanced diet is the secret to fitness. Your young athlete must get a good balance of fruits, vegetables, and meat. He must also get protein from grains and calcium and vitamins from dairy products and fresh juices. Diet matters a lot in physical and mental fitness both. You kid immunity system will get stronger with a healthy balanced diet which is necessary for sports. The healthy kid has better stamina and power to push themselves into their favourite sports.

Proper equipment

For games like cricket, football and other bone and muscle strength dependent games, the kids must have the proper equipment to play safely. They must be having helmets to save their head gloves, elbow and knee pads for the safety of their elbows, knees and wrists and good pair of shoes for the safety of their feet and ankle.

The hips, chest and backbone, arms and legs are more prone to injuries as there is no proper equipment designed or frequently used in Pakistan for such body parts. Hip bones may get injured badly if you fell unexpectedly and there may be a need to find doctors joint replacement surgery in Pakistan at this point. Also, other bones or joints may get hurt too and require the joint replacement surgeon to help you with these injuries. There are many good joint and hip replacement surgeons or you can say orthopaedic surgeons available across big cities in Pakistan and can help you with these difficult situations.

Correct Techniques and guidelines

In Pakistan, there is no emphasis on proper techniques of playing at school level usually and there is no special trainer provided to the young athletes to guide about the proper postures and techniques of playing. A powerful kick in the wrong way may lead to fracture or ankle joint injury while playing football. At worst part, if you ignore the pain and keep on playing with the broken bone or joint may leads to joint replacement surgery too. Joint Replacement Surgery in Pakistan, now commonly happening all over successfully but you can prevent yourself from this procedure and pain with precautions and proper techniques.

Identify injury and get medical help

Athletes are usually less cautious about their safety because they get involved in the game so much. They don’t tend to use all safety equipment before playing or don’t bother injuries during or even after play. This ignorance can cause serious damages sometimes. Parents should notice such indicators like frequent pain in any joint, leg, arm or hips. If they get to know about any injury or accident happened then they must get medical assistance earlier to prevent major problems. For bones and joints, they must get connected with a good joint replacement or hip replacement surgeons in Pakistan, for other bones they must consult orthopaedic surgeons or physicians.


Providing on-time medical assistance with all the care ways discussed above you can encourage your kids to get involved in sports with ultimate safety.