Best Date Ideas To Improve Your Relationship Life

Whether you’re new to each other or entering into a committed partnership to find time together, couples always need fresh ideas to make dates pleasant and rewarding. When options are limited, this can be difficult.

Do your dates need new life? Is your relationship all work and not a game? Your choices in dating can reinvigorate the way you connect with each other. Here are some ideas to help make your dates more targeted and bring more of everything you need back into your love life.

Use our decks of cards to open a dialogue between you and your partner. You might be surprised at what you learn (or what you think you know about your partner).
Practice active listening with exploratory statements and empathy such as “Tell me more about it” or “Okay, I think I understand. So what you feel is … “

Discuss in detail what turns you on. If you don’t like saying it out loud, write it down and let the other person read it.
Assume a “yes and” attitude in which you are ready and open to be vulnerable to one another.
Show physical affection! Kissing (at least six seconds or longer) will reconnect you with your partner.
Have a home date when you have the house to yourself and spend the evening naked.
Make this time with your partner a priority. If you meet somewhere, arrive on time. Put your phone down and give your partner your undivided attention.
Don’t minimize your partner’s fears or concerns that may arise during the conversation. You need to know that you are a safe place for their feelings.
Practice trust exercises. For example, blindfold your partner and show them around. This exercise will help build confidence when you guide it with your words.
Try something new together that neither of you have done before, such as: B. learning another language, cooking a multi-level meal with multiple ingredients, or playing an online game.
Do a project together like making pottery or knitting a scarf.
Be kids again and play hide and seek in your home or park.
take your time
Don’t try these all in one evening. Let these be ideas for future dates to try at different times. If you’re looking to broaden your horizons, check out more date ideas here and here on the Gottman Relationship Blog. Read what our Instagram followers had to say below. Also get a copy of Eight Dates: Essential Conversations for a Life of Love by Dr. John and Julie Gottman.

Renew your romance by improving your activities on your dates. Your relationship can get closer and more adventurous with each passing year.

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Ideas for a date at home
We asked Instagram for their fun home date ideas. Here are some of their answers. What sounds good when you try?

Cooking and painting a delicious dinner
Listen to a podcast together and discuss it
Yoga and our Gottman card game!
Garden or home projects
Dinner in front of the fire followed by a massage
A little role play until late at night
Strip poker
Fondue for two
Read one of eight dates aloud, then go through it together. Then cuddle!
We do art together on a long distance call
Make a comfortable place or a fortress to relax
Dance lessons together on YouTube in the living room
Full moon dinner and star gazing
Homemade pasta and dress like you’re going anywhere!