Everything You Need to Know If You Use Dettol Soap

Dettol soap is one of the most preferred soap brands in India. It has proven to be useful in the times of COVID-19 as it helps eliminate germs, viruses, bacteria, and other illness-causing elements. If you are also a regular user of this soap, then you need to read on. Here we have mentioned everything you need to know if you use Dettol soap. It will allow you to get more product knowledge and gain information about the product.

What are the Ingredients of Dettol Soap?

Dettol soap is enriched with moisturizers that help you to get healthy, soft and well-nourished skin. The soap also offers protection from a host of unseen germs. The key ingredients of this soap are glycerin, sodium palmate, Chloroxylenol, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Etidronic acid and Triclosan.

What are the Benefits of Using Dettol Soap?

There are many benefits to using this reliable soap. Some of them are listed here for you.

  • Enjoy Dettol Protection

People who often get cold and flu can depend on Dettol protection to fight against such illnesses.

  • Deep Cleaning

If you have been exposed to dirt, dust, pollution and other similar harmful elements, you can depend on Dettol soap for deep cleaning of the skin.

  • Moisturization

You can also count on Dettol soap if you need a soap that can help retain the skin’s moisture and doesn’t harm it negatively.

  • Dermatologically Tested

Each of the Dettol soap bars or liquid is dermatologically tested. It means it won’t lead to skin issues of a user.

  • Better than the Rest

The protection offered by Dettol soap is ten times better than ordinary soaps. So, people who need this extra protection can depend on Dettol soap.

How to Use Dettol Soap Properly?

Though many of us claim that we know how to use a soap as our parents taught us that when we were kids, there are specific directions for use that you can consult to see if you are doing everything right. Here they are:

If you are using soap for the first time, you need to take it out from the wrapper gently. Then you need to wet the soap bar and rub it into your palms together until you see the bubbles forming. You can then apply the soap to your hands and follow the hand washing guidelines to ensure that you follow the process perfectly. If you want to take a shower or a bath, you can rub the wet soap all over your body and then rinse it off. Ensure that you rinse off the soap thoroughly and the bubbles don’t get stuck to your skin. After rinsing, you can dry off the area by patting it gently and use a hand/face/body moisturizer if needed. 

Precautions of Using Dettol Soap

If you are using the Dettol soap for the first time, you need to know about some basic precautions listed here.

  • Always skip the eye area while applying the soap. If you touch the eye area accidentally, rinse it off with water multiple times.
  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Please keep it away from the children’s reach.
  • Use it for external cleaning only. Do not consume!

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