How to Communicate Using Love Languages

1.Receiving gifts

Likes: celebrating special occasions, tokens of gratitude, thoughtful gins/gestures.

Dislikes: forgetting special moments and gifts that are not thought out.

2.Acts of service

Likes: helping and being helped showing them you’re a team doing things for them.

Dislikes: no follow through on tasks, letting them do everything.

3.Physical touch

Likes: hugging. cuddling. sitting closeby, non verbal cues are important

Dislikes: physical neglect. no intimacy, abuse

4.Quality time

Likes: special moments together, taking trips together, doing couple activities.

Dislikes: no time alone, distracted or not paying attention when together.

5.Words of affirmation

Likes: Praise compliments words of encouragement, active listening, sweet messages.

Dislikes: no communication, criticism, harsh words.