How To Identify ASICS Retro Shoes

Understand the identification skills of true and false ASICS shoes

People who love to run should be familiar with this brand, but as the brand gets bigger and bigger, the chance of fake shoes is getting bigger and bigger, but if you understand the identification techniques of true and false ASICS shoes, then naturally It greatly reduces the chance of being cheated.

First of all, from the point of view of the shoe box, (1) the genuine original box is usually marked with the price, if it is not the original box, there may not be any; (2) the barcode of the genuine product is very clear and clear, and the imitation product is relatively vague (3) The color of the genuine shoe box is lighter, while the fake one is darker. Buy Shoes and don’t miss footlocker discount code uk

Secondly, the material of the shoe box is different, not to look at the wrinkles. If you can touch it, you must touch it with your hands (the real shoe box has a hard texture, while the fake one is softer).

The smell is also different. The smell of the real shoebox is relatively weak, and the smell of the imitation shoebox is relatively strong, but not pungent.

Finally, there will be a quality inspection logo on the genuine shoe box (the number is the number of the quality inspector), and the imitation may not have it.

Unboxing view

The plastic film in the picture below is imitation, ASICS is not so proud yet. There is also the national flag on the small ticket. Is it so big for fear of being unknown?

Look at the tongue and shoe mark

The identification of the shoe mark is roughly as follows: (1) It says: CM, MADE IN CHINA, this is a domestic export foreign trade goods; (2) Write MM, MADE IN CHINA, this is a domestic and domestic counter monopoly; (3 ) The one writing MADE IN Vietnam is made in Vietnam, and the workmanship is generally better than domestic ones.

The tongue of the genuine shoe is relatively short, the upper half is yellow gradient, the edges are neatly cut, and naturally curved; the tongue of the imitation shoe is longer, the tongue is white as a whole, with uneven cut edges, straight and not curved. Buy Shoes and never miss Amazon NHS Discount Code

Body part

Forefoot pores: The size of the air holes on the forefoot is the same size as the real product, and they are all regular round; while the imitation product is irregular, and some are oval.

The three best series models of ASICS, the king of running shoes

Known as the king of jogging, which one is better, of course these three models, stylish appearance and powerful performance 


Compared with the previous generation, GEL-Nimbus 22 uses a brand-new monofilament fiber upper, which improves air permeability. The heel surrounds the visible GEL cushioning glue, which further optimizes the cushioning performance. The FlyteFoam double-layer midsole, combined with light weight and rebound, makes running softer and more comfortable


Kayano series, as the top support type jogging shoes, is known as the “king of jogging shoes” with its excellent performance and excellent design. This model follows the stable performance of the logo of the series for 26 years and further improves the cushioning performance. This running shoe is actually better than the appearance, the color is diversified, and the color matching looks very comfortable, and the shape is more uplifted than the previous styles, not so flat


This is a women’s shoe with a retro appearance. It is one of ASICS’s few old shoes that are not popular with girls. The grip performance is excellent, and it is a fresh and interesting macaron color scheme, which satisfies the two elements of practicality and trend. The girl immediately turns into a sweet and cool girl. This ASICS has a lot of color schemes, but the difference is not very big. Except for the black one, the other color schemes are very similar, but the appearance is really high. If you want to start, you need to think about it.