How to Install CCTV Camera Best Tips

CCTV Installation

Nowadays CCTV cameras were mostly found in every commercial and noncommercial sector like banks, retail stores, homes, gas stations,  etc. 

Advanced technology such as AI Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing have facilitated the rapid growth of security cameras by increasing their perfection efficiency and detections.

There are different types of security cameras like indoor and outdoor,  both types have their own functionality and work, indoor only used for the room and inner side of the office and outdoor camera has different qualities which specify made for outdoor work like garden, gate, swimming pool etc.

Security camera installation depends on your home, budget and home’s security main concerns.

This guide helps you to look at the most vulnerable places around your home or office where you must install security cameras.

Front Door

As per statistics more than 35% percent robbers choose font door for robbery, so firstly you cover your main door area.

Side and Backdoors

Side and back doors are mostly out of your eye people mostly use those areas which is out of eye so you must aware of everyone who comes in and out from side and back doors

Driveway and Garage 

This is the most vulnerable area to install cameras in your garage to monitor your cars, tools, bikes etc. If you installed a camera in the garage it gives you an extra level of security by keeping eye on possible entry points into your home. 


Installing a camera in your backyard will help you to keep an eye on your children, pets and other types of activities. 

Indoor Area

Installing cameras in your kitchen, lounge, dining room, living room it’s good practise for monitoring your home.

Stairs Area

Installing cameras on stairs helps you monitor any suspicious activity in your stairs. This area is also beneficial if you have small kids and old age parents in home.

Best CCTV Installation Tips

Must get these tips in your mind for achieving maximum security of your home, office etc.

Install all outdoor cameras above the ground.

Security cameras should be placed a minimum of 10 to 12 feet above the ground which is not easily reachable for everyone.

It’s Up To You Hide or Seen Cameras

Whether it’s up to you to show your cameras or hide and monitor hiddenly but showing cameras is best practise which is beware thief and other persons. But it’s highly vulnerable for cameras so must install high quality outdoor cameras if you choose to show your cameras.

Protect Outdoor Camera from whether

IP 67  and so on highly recommended cameras for outdoor installation, because IP67-68 is weatherproof cameras and easily bear any type of climate change.

Install indoor cameras on corners

Indoor cameras installed in the corner because it shows the full view and also never damages your room beauty.

Outside of window reflection 

Window reflection and sunlight reflection is the biggest issue for cameras. So when you install the cameras, firstly confirm there is no window or sunlight reflection area which affects the camera view.

Test the equipment before installation 

This is very good practise for every environment. First check product before installation. Whether you install a cctv camera or other any devices. 

Choose the right tools for installation 

Use the proper right tool for installation of a camera, you should use the cctv installation kit. Because cameras have multiple types of screws so must get the proper screw driver kit which has multiple types of screwdrivers.

Properly covered all cables

If your camera’s wires are exposed it’s very harmful for you. You should cover your all wires with a proper channel dug or hide it the proper way. 

Storage Selection for Backup 

Last thing I discussed is Storage, selecting the proper hdd for your home office is the biggest issue nowadays . How much Hard disk required for your environment it’s up to you. But I recommend you a tool which is  HikVision Company Tool which helps you alot for calculation of hard disk and network as per your need or requirements


Installing cameras is a very crucial part of taking proper planning and time. I have provided you with very special tips which I have practical experience with the help of these steps or information you can easily install cctv cameras  everywhere, thus making your sweet home safe.