Is Personalised Learning an Optimal Approach to Education? Comparison between Schools and Private Tuition Trends of Today

We are usually exposed to a strange environment during early childhood, which we call a “school”. In this environment, our learning capabilities are enhanced, and every day brings new opportunities and challenges that move us a step ahead in life. However, rising challenges and competition in the external environment have made options critical in being obtained effectively. Teachers are surrounded with extra responsibilities while the burden on students enhances as well. New strategies towards learning are always welcomed, with the primary objective stimulated towards student’s benefits in the future. Hence, one of such approaches is through maximizing and encouraging the trend of personalized learning.

Not everyone learns effectively during a class at school or any educational institutions that we formally attend regularly. There remains a particular aspect of confusion that requires immediate clarity before the core concepts are lost. This is a common situation that most students face frequently, and the most optimal solution they could think of is private tuitions.

Being mentored at a school class and studying privately at tuitions or coaching centres has vast differences. You are paying a comparatively less amount for several subjects and additional school activities, whereas you pay a higher amount for a single topic at private tuition. This private tuition is your choice of personalised learning in which the teacher concentrates on developing your capabilities towards a specific subject precisely and clears confusions on the spot.

Why is Private Tuition Often Criticised as an Optimal Approach to Personalised Learning?

Very few or no formal educational institution encourages you to be a part of a personalised learning environment through private tuitions. Ever wondered why? This is because if you start learning more effectively at home, then the purpose of traditional schools will be eliminated from the environment. Individuals and organisations working professionally in the external environment look forward to opportunities and approaches through which their sustainability and survival can be guaranteed in the future. They would not want your attention to be diverted elsewhere, which is why the hiring process at schools, colleges and universities is often extended yet strict, discouraging teachers from conducting private sessions as a mere requirement of their employment contract.

Why Do Students Still Opt for Personalised Learning through Private Tuitions?

Educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities are surrounded by different teachers. Some can be strict, while others can be old-fashioned. Learning something complex and challenging is never easy, especially in higher grades, and confusions can occur usually. However, due to teachers’ strict attitude in class, students often refrain from asking questions and presenting their queries. However, these confusions need a proper solution before final examinations so that the individual student can pass their module successfully. Hence, the need for personalised learning through private tuitions is stimulated here, and the search for an optimal teacher begins. We all have encountered a similar situation in our school life, and we can understand the need here.

Are Private Tuitions an Appropriate Solution towards Encouraging Personalised Learning?

According to the study of our experienced researchers at dissertation writing UK, the immediate answer to this statement is a clear “NO”. What is the point of spending so much on school fees when you ultimately have to take additional support of a private tutor? As the global economy has been pushed continuously towards its downfall, inflation has been accompanied, and every commodity and service has become expensive. Hard-earned income being spent unplanned is not the right idea, and hence it should be strategised appropriately.

What is the Right Solution to Encourage Personalised Learning at Formal Educational Institutions?

When every argument is against private tuitions, then how do we encourage personalised learning in formal classrooms? The answer to this can vary, whereas most studies conclude that adapting modern technology could be an optimal solution. Today’s world is highly advanced, whereas modern technology in classrooms has changed the way children learn. A majority of the educational institutions of today have switched to e-learning initiatives, all thanks to Covid-19, which has merged technology with formal education. We all are eager to learn in our personal spaces and inclined towards managing the way multiple courses are organised for learning in a prioritised manner.

Similarly, another critical area of focus is the way of communication. It is often believed that student-teacher interaction and communication is formalised, which means that any relevant assistance required after a class becomes a challenge. There is hardly any positive response to the highlighted query, and the student continues their journey with significant confusions that could be a critical barrier for their future. It is not argued that an informal communication environment should be established, but it is always beneficial to manage things with a glimpse of ease. Several educational institutions have designed a different platform to effectively and efficiently encourage student-teacher communication and interaction, assigning destined email addresses to students they can use for communication. Every loop can be monitored for security and quality-assurance purposes.

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Simultaneously, the parents and guardians of students play an essential role in this aspect as well, and their consent, before a decision is regulated, is necessary as well. This is because the ultimate investment is on them, and they need to be acknowledged with the strategy being focussed and the feedback their child has been providing so that they can work justifiably as well.