Review of Microsoft SC-300 Identity and Access Administrator

The Microsoft Certified Systems Manager (MCSM) certification is a certification that proves a person’s capacity to handle Microsoft Windows-based applications’ administration aspect. It also certifies the person’s knowledge in using Windows-based computer hardware and software to operate the computers. Microsoft provides this course as a complement to other certifications offered by Microsoft. This course is a very comprehensive one that covers everything about Windows and its related technology. So, if you are planning to apply for a computer management position in the future, you will need to pass this exam.

Why Microsoft Certification is better to do in 2021

Microsoft offers three types of exams for those who wish to become Microsoft Certified Systems Manager. The first is Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator Second is Microsoft Certified Desktop Management Interface (MBCID), and the third is Microsoft Certified Network Manager (MCFM). All these three exams are offered in two formats – online or onsite. Most companies also provide the MCSE online course, but most employers prefer to see a student pass the in-person exam. This preference is the in-person exam is considered the more accurate and more challenging test than the online courses.

The Microsoft SC-300 exams cover the most critical topics that are needed in administering Microsoft Windows-based systems. These topics are using Windows networking, computer diagnostics, Microsoft windows registry, and Microsoft Access database. The issues are explained in detail and a step-by-step manner. There are detailed instructions provided on how to do each of the tasks. There are also practice questions, and mock tests offered to users who want to feel how real exams are conducted. Most companies provide a practice exam before the actual certification test.

One of the advantages of taking the Microsoft SC-300 exams is that they can be taken online. The company has developed an official website for this purpose. Once you become a member of the organization, you can register for the exams. The fee is $99 per user but can be refunded if you are not satisfied with the study materials. The materials include study guides and multiple-choice tests.

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There are various advantages of enrolling in this training course. You will not only learn the necessary information, but you will also gain practical experience. It will help you prepare for your real Microsoft certification exams. When you are done with the course, you will have all the necessary information to pass the actual exam. You will also customize your training course by choosing what subjects you want to focus on and when you wish to study.

There are many resources available online. You can access a free practice exam and some sample questions. If you need extra help, there are certified experts available through email and live chat. They will answer any questions you might have and prepare appropriately for taking the actual exams.

Microsoft SC-300 Identity and Access Administrator are intended for new users and servers, desktops, and other platforms. With this course, you will set up a secured remote server and gain the maximum amount of access to it. You can also work as a development team member and gain access to the developers’ information. This course also covers how to troubleshoot Microsoft Windows as well as other operating systems.


With the course, you will get not only practical knowledge but also information regarding the exams. With the proper preparation, you can easily pass the exams and be a part of Microsoft’s certified life. This course will benefit you.