Shoes We Love!

Shoes are our saving grace. A stylish pair makes or breaks your outfit. A comfortable pair makes or breaks your daily routine. When both are combined, our confidence knows no bounds. Designers go back and forth trying to manufacture the best pair for men and women so they may have the best to choose from. Checking out the right blend of style and comfort is essential when it comes to shoes. A tight pair can hinder your movement and also affect your mood in ways that ruin your day. It makes daily tasks which are quite basic, in to a hassle, for example; driving, going in and out of meetings, walking to places or even sitting idle etc., A non-stylish pair or a pair you think is not up to your fashion can make you lose your confidence, and well, there’s nothing without confidence.


When talking about brands, classics like Hush Puppies shoes usually come to mind as an evergreen option for their loyal buyers. Their comfort, subtle styles and colors and their attention to versatile and long lasting shoes makes them a fore runner in the shoe market. Getting a pair of heels or shoes for men from Hush Puppies is preferred by many due to the comfort they provide. So places that house the best brand, which includes evergreen brands like Hush puppies making it an easy online purchase!

As for comfort from other brands, Nike shoes are well liked…well-loved actually, by all! Their styles and unmatched comfort as well as the brand reputation are a win for all its customers. The trust people put in Nike is intense… seriously people swear by it. Online shops with authentic products and a variety of range of Nike as well as Under Armor shoes, the online shopping scene seems to be presenting us with shoes we love right at our door step.

All in all, making a statement doesn’t mean you have to wear something fashionable, you can do so in a comfortable pair as well.


There’s a lot of differences between people when it comes to choosing the right pair of shoes. Whether it is formals from Pierre Cardin or CAT shoes for your next adventure, a good pair is always warranted from every customer. Due to the style and personality differences online platforms house the best of both worlds, so people can purchase their essential pairs as they fit with their personality.

So be it slippers from Lark & Finch or sneakers from Converse, a good pair of shoes is here… you don’t even have to look hard, just at the click of a button.

Anyways, essentials are much more than these pairs too. Essential is also the service through which you get your lovely pair. A revolutionizing service, such as JOMO, is there to ensure that the service is doing justice to the shoes you buy. With free delivery and orders delivered within 24 hours and a wide variety along with trying your order before paying for it, there’s a lot that JOMO has offered and continues to do so when it comes to their service.


Well, shoes we love have nothing on the fact that at the end of the day our love is translated in to the comfortability of the pair. When you try your pair of shoes, it is best to stand tall on your feet and check with your finger by pressing the top of the shoe whether you have enough space for your toes. If not, the tightness tends to give people ingrown nails, bruised toes and an overall uncomfortable feel. The room for your toes to wiggle is super important.

Another thing to check is to walk and see if your ankle is comfortable. This means, checking if the back of the shoe is soft enough and doesn’t not leave a mark on the ankle and hurt it every time you walk. The flexibility of the shoe is another thing that’s important. You’ll only love the pair if you know you’re easily able to move around in it and capable of wearing it for long hours, because well, you never know how long you might be stuck at work, in traffic etc.,

When it comes to brands like Urban Sole or any other famous brand that you’re in to, and that is available to help you try your pair, you can keep these tips in mind, as this is the perfect way to check out the pair you love and the pair that will be the perfect addition to your shoe closet.

All in all, shoes we love are a perfect mix of style, comfort and the usage you’ll get out of them, because no one likes an uncomfortable and boring pair.