Top 8 Software for the Young 3D Animators to Start Their Career

3D animation is a career in demand these days for marketing, media, entertainment and numerous other parts of the industry. They require an individual with a creative mind and technical skills to give the characters and shape some meaning in the three-dimensional space. For the professionals, they need the right software with the 3D animation tools to show their creativity.

You will find a long list of software on the first page of the search result that can easily confuse anyone. They all have the essential tools you need to create animation and some tools exclusive to them. Add the price tag and user interface to the factors that will affect your work as a designer and professional.

Here, we have enlisted the top 8 software available for 3D animation with their pros and cons. The list will help you decide which platform to choose to start your career.

Crazy Talk

With Crazy Talk, you can create 3D animation from facial images using text and voice. It will use voice intensity to convert photos into animation heads. The tools also include expression template, muscle control, and modify sliders.

The options to select individual facial features allow the users to control and fine-tune those parts. You can easily add tons of accessories and dresses to the design. The software supports almost every major video and image format to ensure a seamless design process.


Maxon is a software widely used in the industry for 3D rendering, modelling, and motion design. It will help you create an abstract and realistic model with numerous tools at your disposal. You can use it for both animation and 3D graphics.

The focus of the software remains on providing tools for lightning, animating, and texturing. The models are customisable with procedural shaders and objects. The preview window will help you refine the ideas to the best possible extent.

Adobe After Effects

There is hardly a list concerning computer designs that don’t have mention of a product from Adobe. The first item from the heavyweight in the industry is After Effect for digital visual effects and motion graphics. You can select from 100+ tools to add effects and remove elements.

You can easily combine the images and videos to develop abstract or realistic designs. The software will use the GPU for providing a preview for the animation playback. The subscription is reasonable for the Adobe environment; contact direct lenders in the UK to cover the cost of the whole system.

Adobe Character Animator

Character Animator from Adobe is a popular software used by developers worldwide for real-time animation. You can use the webcam to turn anything into animated characters. Your facial expression will be recorded to form real-time animation.

Moreover, you can use the heads, arms, and legs to create an animated design with accurate speed and movement. The keyframes are provided in case you want to create a moment. In the end, you can set up shots such as close-up and use the zoom to fine-tune.


Keyshot is an affordable 3D rendering software to create visuals. You can use over 35 popular file formats and numerous plugins for the task. Cross-platform support enables users to collaborate from different machines.

The software provides over 750 preset materials to customise objects and create a unique design. Also, the VR support for designs is just one click away from the workspace. You can apply labels, textures, and variations to images and animation.


Mari is the tool recommended if you want to play with the 3D painting tools and add texture to the objects. The list of HD textures contains over a hundred options to select from. The tool is built with Python API to ensure automation in studios and workflows.

The users can import and convert their texture into Mari materials and mix paint with the layers. The flexibility offered to the users makes it one of the best tools in the market for 3D printing. You can even make adjustments to the paint and various elements before importing the photo.

Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Harmony is among the few all-in-one tools for drawing and production in an efficient way. You can create art, animate and add special effects and sounds to produce a cut-out animation. The freelancers in the industry should give it a try before settling on one.

Users can integrate 2D and 3D animation while using 3-to-5-point curved perspective guides. The gaming industry also uses Harmony to create 3D animation for games. The support to integrate other software in the production pipeline is also available.


Unity is among the most popular tools used in the development of games and similar interactive 3D elements. You can assemble the assets and arts into a space where users can interact with them. The collaboration is smooth with the cross-platform support for Windows, Linus, and Mac.

The process to create user interfaces is streamlined in Unity. You can use it to create both 2D and 3D animation for fast and intuitive animation. Your team workflow will not be disrupted, courtesy of the support for numerous other tools and software.


To sum up, these tools are designed, keeping in mind a particular purpose in 3D animation. You need to narrow down the results based on your requirements from the software. The rest can be achieved by using the trial versions and suggestions from the experts.